Museum’s History


On the 17th of June 2005 the first Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine in our country has hospitably greeted its visitors.


It was founded in a historical part of Kyiv, occupying a two-storied building at 14 Bratska Street and immediately found a great number of fans.


A small collection has first been exhibited there, which its owner, a known businessman and patron of arts Serhii Tsiupko started to amass 20 years ago. 


It mainly comprised of non-figurative painting by contemporary Ukrainian artists. There has later appeared a logical desire to widen the time and geographical range of the collection, still concentrating on Ukrainian art of the second half of the XXth century, which unfortunately is much underrepresented in Ukrainian museums. When the number of works of art, their authors and artistic directions they represent has significantly increased, a decision to “museumficate” the collection has been made.


In December 2009 the Museum moved to a new three-stories building at 17 Glybochytska Street.


Sufficient room (about 3.5 thousand square metres) enabled the creation of the first independent exposition of the best works in the collection (it is located on the second and third floors of the Museum). The exposition is to be changed every two years.


Today the Museum displays collections of ancient Ukrainian icons, classics of Ukrainian painting of the beginning of the 20th century, Ukrainian art of realism and sociorealism of the second half of the ХХ century are widely represented here as well as the works by underground artists of 1960-1970s. There are also available two exhibition halls for temporary displays (the entire 1st floor and the small exhibition hall of the third floor). Currently it is the only museum in our country where the works by various artists representing different art schools and directions from all regions of Ukraine from 1930s till today are collected. The collection includes over 4.5 thousands of works in paining, graphics, sculpture and crafts art. 


The works by over 500 authors are represented in the collection.


Among them are the famous in Ukraine and in the West representatives of regional art schools: of Kyiv – Mykola Glushchenko, Sergiy Grygoriev, Mykhailo Deregus, Volodymyr Kostetskyi, Georgiy Melikhov, Tetiana and Olena Yablonska, Ivan Kavaleridze, Yevhen Volobuev, Borys Rapoport; of Kharkov – Adolf Konstantynopolskyi, Oleksandr Khmelnytskyi, Askhat Safarghalin, Grygoriy Tomenko, Yevhen Terub, Sergiy Besedin,; of Odessa – Mykola Pavliuk, Volodymyr Zauze, Viacheslav Tokarev, Volodymyr Filatov, Kostiantyn Lomykin, Volodymyr Vlasov, Adolf Loza, Mykola Sheliuto, Mykhailo Bozhiy, Albin Gavdzinskiy, Yuriy Yeghorov; of Lviv – Ivan Trush, Olena Kulchynska, Oleksa Novakivskyi, Roman Selskyi, Karp Zvirynskyi, Liubomyr Medvid, Roman Petruk, Emmanuil Mysko; of the Crimea – Fedir Zakharov, Petro Stoliarenko, Valentyn Bernadskyi, Viktor Tolochko, Valentyna Tsvetkova, Anna Oleinik; of Transcarpathia – Aldabert Erdely, Fedir Manailo, Anton Kashshay, Andriy Kotska, Ernest Kontratovich, Volodymir Mykyta, Vyacheslav Prykhodko. Moreover, there also are presented the works by celebrated “Ukrainian Parisians” – Vasytliy Khmelko and Mykola Vaker, New-Yorkers –Abram Manevich and Mykhailo Turovskiy; Moscowers - Sergiy Bazilev and Sergiy Geta; the works by contemporary artists of the older and medium generations; young authors.


There is a functioning library in the Museum; theoretically-practical activities take place in a lecture hall: master-classes, lections, seminars, round-table discussions, conferences with invited Ukrainian and foreign art-scholars, artists, coordinators, gallerists, and others, who are interested in the condition and challenges of contemporary art in Ukraine and its presentation abroad. The establishment of an art studio is planned for the nearest future, implementation of educational programmes and programmes of work with preschool and school age children, because a museum is a place where children should feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed, where they can acquire knowledge and create.


According to the founder of the Museum Sergiy Tsiupko, “the Museum’s purpose is not only to collect and exhibit art achievements of our nation, but to return Ukrainian values to Ukraine. To return them for those who consider themselves Ukrainian citizens, loves it and desires to see it strong and developed, civilized and educated. We dream that our Museum is visited by a great number of admirers of Ukrainian art, so that our children get esthetical pleasure in the world of art images and feel respect for the artists of the past. Maybe one only wants to relax, communicate or meet that close in spirit. We are open for everyone and offer you to submerge into the harmony of images, which will definitely help the emerging of thoughts and feelings…”